Jacqueline Welch - Fine Art - Drawings & Paintings


I have always been interested in canine behavior and the unique bond between humans and dogs. In my work I address concerns such as the struggle to establish no-kill shelters, the rise in abandoned pets and the placement of dogs into research labs. Through my paintings I advocate for street, shelter and racetrack dogs and their right to be life-long companions. My art practice is narrative: the dogs often represent a human idiosyncrasy, or the hero figure of a miraculous event.

Religious artwork and the landscape of New York State also fascinate me. The sacred and pagan elements in my paintings reflect my Irish-Catholic background and my love of medieval and Celtic art. The landscapes in these works are reminiscent of hikes in Letchworth State Park and along the shores of Wellesley Island and Lake Erie.

My studio process is drawing intensive; I generally work on gessoed panels, sometimes in a triptych format. Paint is applied in semi-transparent layers of oil glazes using an oil wipe technique so that parts of the drawing show through.